2 thoughts on “Review of Liquid Mind XIII: Mindfulness

  1. Thank you for your spot on Review of Maestro Wild’s new Album: Mindfulness. In short, Liquid Mind Music gives me a better quality of life. I robbed death 17 years ago from being crushed in my car by a tractor trailer. Laying in my hospital bed with untold pain, gazing at passing clouds through a window, listening to Liquid Mind Music – I would escape my caporial body and fly with the clouds. Free of pain.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I am so happy to hear that music helped you go through one of the most traumatic experiences that one could imagine undergoing in one’s life. I always believe that divine power, time, and music are a few balms that could heal us.

      I am happy to know you and that you feel music the way it is supposed to be! Best wishes from India!

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